Infrared Scanning Services

SP Industrial provides infrared scanning services, the single most powerful tool in the electrical maintenance field. By scanning for hot spots and abnormal heating patterns, we are able to locate and repair defects before they lead to equipment failure, personal injury, or unscheduled power outages.

How Our Infrared Scanning Services Will Assist you

An infrared electrical scan can:
• Quickly pinpoint problems
• Reduce downtime and equipment damage
• Prevent catastrophic failures
• Establish repair priorities
• Improve preventive maintenance efficiency
• Test under load to avoid costly shutdowns

Who We Services

We provide Infrared thermal inspections and surveys on power lines, substations, mini subs and transformers.

More About Our Services

Infrared scanning forms an integral part of our preventative maintenance programme. All of our staff are trained to scan your electrical equipment and analyse the results.
Our staff will then be able to advise you on the correct actions they need to take in order to prevent any failure or repair a defect.

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