Electrical COC Services Gauteng

We have specialized in issuing electrical Certificates of Compliance (Electrical CoC) for property sales for many years. We have built up an excellent reputation in the property industry among estate agents and conveyancing attorneys. We provide an excellent service at a great price.

Our technicians, armed with highly sensitive electronic equipment for Electrical COC can:

  • Test the main differential (RCD) switches
  • Test the main earthing system that enters your house
  • Test the resistance & insulation of the cables throughout your whole property
  • Test for earth leakage
  • Test for potentially dangerous overload currents

From small electrical systems fault finding to power protection from complete mains failures our team of highly qualified and trained technicians will be able to find the fault and repair it.

Tips for Electrical COC Gauteng

Avoid unnecessary return call costs for tests and repairs when doing your electrical COC by ensuring:

  • That all light and plug points are accessible for testing.
  • That there is access to the geyser.
  • That there is access to every single room including garages, roof space, outbuildings and under buildings.
  • That vicious dogs are safely locked away in an area where there are no electrical points to be tested.
  • That all computer data is saved and computers switched off. Also switch off and unplug DSTv PVR's, TV screens and other digital media equipment.
  • Please check immediately after an inspection or repairs have been carried out to ensure that fridges, freezers, fish tank pumps, pool pumps etc are working.
  • Sometimes ‘nuisance' tripping occurs once earth leakage units are installed or circuits are restored onto the earth leakage system.
  • Despite the excellent track record of our staff, it is always a good policy to lock valuables away before admitting strangers to ones' homes.

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