Expert Earthing Sheet Suppliers

At SP Industrial, we provide an engineered range of Earthing Sheet’s i.e. Lattice Copper which is available in various standards and is manufactured using high quality of copper which is of excellent tensile strength.

A Copper Earthing Sheet (solid and lattice type) provide reliable earthing in high fault current and step potential avoidance applications, such as substations and switchrooms. As well as in standard earthing situations where the ground is difficult to penetrate with a standard earth rod.  These Earth Mats are renowned for high durability, tensile strength, corrosion resistance and high performance. The earth mat can withstand significant amounts of fault current so should be used where this could be encountered.

They are a lower cost option to solid Earthing Sheets and when combined with one of our soil improvement products provide a long-lasting, reliable earthing solution.

Often in the ground below an outside substation and/or a high voltage test cage, you may find a copper lattice. This is an earth mat and it is generally manufactured from tinned copper tape or hard drawn copper wire and is completely welded together. Copper lattice earth mats are manufactured from copper tape riveted together in lattice form. These copper earth mats provide reliable earthing in high fault-current applications and cover a wide surface area, enabling good earthing contact with surrounding soil.

Lightning protection earth mats are used below sub stations to improve the earthing points whenever burying ground rods is not possible.

Power cable partial discharge test cages have lattice mats in the concrete or below the concrete. They are there to screen out spurious electrical signals during testing.

We do slope method testing .
-Substation designs .
-Single line diagrams , earth layouts of each sub

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